S.A.T. VIVEROS TALAN is an agricultural processing company devoted to the cultivation and sale of grafts and rootstocks. We have been certified for more than thirty years and have a wealth of experience in the vineyard world. Such experience tells us how important it is to choose superior quality plants in order to have a vineyard from which excellent grapes can be obtained.

We are producers of parent vines and certified buds from which all the necessary material is obtained to produce our grafts and rooted vines (cuttings and pickets). As a result, we know the origin of the raw materials with which we work and can ensure the highest quality of all of our products.


All our produce, as well as the soil used for growing, undergo health inspection and are subject to periodic analysis by the I.N.S.P.V. (the National Institute of Seedland Nursery Plants). That is why we GUARANTEE the non-existence of grapevine VIRUS in the plant.

The CLONAL BREED has been made choosing the most productive, hardy and profitable clones, from which we have grown the fields of mother vines which generate our produce.

All of the plants come from the propagation of the same vine-stock meaning that the vineyard of this kind of plants is UNIFORM in all their genetic characters.

Our customers should be informed that orders for any variety and a specific quantity of grafted plant should be placed one-year in advance, so that we can prepare our future production for grafting the plant with our own material or with the material the customer has given us.


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